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143 Replies to “Slot makineleri 15 kopek deniz savaşı”

  1. Someone said this was really amazing. Doesnt take much anymore for ANYTHING to be amazing, This was rambling and BORING. MOVING ON.

  2. The Lords tears are simillar to the Old Blood from Bloodborne. Something that was believed to be good but corrupts humans into beasts.
    Oh and the Space Star Eden part leaves room for A LOT of unknown info about the holy union

    • its also one of the best stories on the SCP site in my opinion.

  3. Of all the SCPs that currently exist, I think this one is the most deserving of a game.

    EDIT: Looks like somebody had the idea before me:

  4. The ending makes me really sad I dont know why but it makes you feel sorrow for the people of this world and the ones who enter it

  5. I have heard it said that Hillary is one of such things as spoken of here. The conduct of the Democratic Party after 2016 causes me to reconsider things which I would have thought impossible or insane at any other time. If you would please, speak on this. I am more glad every day for what I have learned by faith, reading the King James Bible. The living true God reigns supreme, no matter what anyone says. Therefore I say ; Alien life forms, inter dimensionals, whatnot, and hellary, humble yourselves before the LORD, and as is His will, we can get along famously

    • Thanks! It is my personal favorite SCP

  6. this would make a great video game. Not exactly like this, but based off of it. Like you can collect different colours, and you use mirrors to slip in between dimensions, where you can interact with your own but cant be detected by characters in your dimension. Each colour has some slight difference (ex: all characters look like demons, or gravity is reversed, etc.)

    • retro-visor I think its the oversaturation of interactive experiences were in. Its easier therefore people tend to settle into being told what to imagine.

    • Why do people need games, movies or any type of visual representation for this stuff. Cant you use your imagination?

  7. am I the only one who thought that this is like the alternate reality where the Church of The Broken God takes over the world?

  8. I would love this scp putting it in in my Garden of sinners where I use scp 407 to make living exibits and several others this would be my perfect torture weapon

  9. God, I wish a show with actual scenes would be made for these. Im sure this could bring a lot of views. Get on this AMC!

    • Tonz of Fun no AMC would dismiss it too quickly. Sy-Fy and or chiller might use scps as influnece though since the community popularity is a mixed bag as cannon would be highly mixed

  10. 666 likes… I wanna like it but I dont wanna mess up the count!! 😱💖

  11. Listened to all of this before bed.Afterwards was like holy shit.Stared into the corner for a while, muttering. The Unclean…..

  12. Back when Steve sounded like a 1950s midnight radio show. Sounds great now, but this is good too. Sounds like a post end of the world transmission too. Like maybe some scavengers are hauled up around a barrel fire tuning into the east side show.

  13. I love scps that travel to different dimensions or transport others to those dimensions. This one especially.

    • Noisy Heretic Dingus Same. Many of my favorites are extradimensional.

  14. Searched Co-Op ( a British shop ) and got this, HOW ARE THESE REALATED?!?!?!

  15. And just as a warning people out there making YouTube channel sticking their camera in every hole and deserted building and structure and malls mines caves and this stuff is lurking right behind them. I see it. Yes, its been there for. Did I see forever? But now its being in physical form. The butterflies are loose and the flowers are blooming. Find your local Bigfoot and ask him> he knows what that means, its a riddle have nt solved yet? One of the few left

  16. Hey Eastside show SCP, not sure if you still see these but would you possibly be willing to do a reading of the documents found in the estate of lord blackwood. some of the items also discussed in the interviews of mr deeds are very interesting but not the same without your voice hehe, much love

    • ah I do plan to check into those sometime

    • oh yes, im sorry i shouldve been more precise. i mean ones not covered previously. like the diary of the tarasque hunt mr dees is given. or any other documents found on the estate. not sure of how many there are

    • Ive said at least one adventure or two with Lord Blackwood. One where he goes to SCP-093 and the other where the foundation interviews Mr. Deeds about Lord Blackwood

  17. +Eastside Show SCP are you bulgarian

  18. I dont understand why people say they love his voice, hes monotone in parts that should have some inflection

    • @Bailey Ger I basically been using and experimenting with the radio audio filters. Basically I made the newer stuff much easier to listen to with less static and such

    • You know i didnt even look to see if i would like the newer stuff better. Also im curious, Have you tried using audio plugins like vinylizer or have you just stuck with that 1khz bandpass filter?

    • @Bailey Ger lol nah its alright man. The Dialogue portions can be problematic, as I would need additional voices to compensate and all. I believe I have improved since season 1 (which this video is in). I am on Season 4 currently

    • well the cold robotic reading defenitly adds to the effect, i meant in areas where theres dialogue i feel like. For all i know if you fixed it it would sound way worse.
      thanks for replying though, dont let bitchy comments like mine affect what you feel sounds right

    • thats actually intentional. I read it in a way an SCP employee would who has seen a lot of stuff, where its basically just bleh

  19. I maybe misunderstanding the point, but the CC text is completely different from what he is reading during the red test ?

  20. Regarding the Unclean:

    Their curiosity speaks to me in the form of a cry for Help. The Unclean have the ability to possibly save the people they absorb into themselves. As they absorb a person, they _eternally_ gain their feelings, memories, and any iteration of self, as if its one massive database that can be stored and called. I see the Unclean as computers, since they move without any end goal to their purpose or sapient awareness.
    After reading that they were the result of a powerful concentration of His Tears and reading that this may be a trickster god, possibly trying to conquer all worlds it can come into contact with, and then initiating a war which He claimed others who would repent and receive His Love would be called Clean and any otherwise would be purified under extreme concentration of Tears (and maybe whatever Blessing is), the humanoid beings may act in accordance to how they were created by He, but may be aware of said God and is retaliating by keeping the memories of those humans alive within their database-like memories and possibly creating a memetic effect that makes the absorbed play dead for other humans to buy the story that they died and rotting as a means of tricking the trickster.
    And if this is true, imagine the other words this god visited and how many forms of these Unclean are there, waiting….actively trying to Kill Him. There may be a true war in the making…

  21. why do the subtitles during the red text not match the person speaking instead they talk about the unclean lands and the clean ones

  22. (The Wanderer) ya Ive been there got out right quick as I was quantum phased they could
    see me and I could see them almost got me and I dont think my quantum anchor would save me.

  23. this shit is so insane I started watching last night Wtf?!

  24. This SCP is so unique. There were moments where I nearly forgot I listening to an SCP reading. Theres so much depth and lore within the world of the Unclean. It could definitely be its own thing all by itself, but Im glad its an SCP, because all of that knowledge is just stacked on top of the other cool SCPs out there.

    • Cecilia Mouse64 maybe this could be made into a game? Similar to fallout.

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  26. Bit of an oversight during the green test the D-Class finds 3 skeletons a six-shot revolver and 3 spent casings near by revolvers don’t eject their casings they should still be in the gun.

    • But if it was a set of parents and two kids with 3 corpses… oof thats greasy if one fathoms they greased their partner and kids. Ejecting the shells and leaving after. Maybe being absorbed?

  27. Do a SCP. On PBS, there you will find the nest! Seems like everybodys claiming a wind. exactly! Im from the North..East. hello! They quit giving all the money to control all of evil. Thats what everything is. Falling apart and they put all the money in PBS to paint up all these ancient. Buildings and dragged out all the stuff that used to be in. Indiana Jones Warehouse big room oh, they painted it and Polished it had parties around it and sacrifices, 14,000605 to 1.. timeline start jumping, October 8th 2014 They start lining back up. They tried so many times and failed. The double talk the twice said lines on tv YouTube is driving me nuts. So all the timelines are coming back in order. Thats why all these cpss are loose. Thats why the guardian left. Theres not very many humans left. Everyone showing up or and exposing themselves for Earth Grande closed chapter Remember that big huge old ancient god who wants to die? Theres others. I think about them during this time. people, They dont live long enough. To realize how deep it goes. This stuff goes back a long ways. Concepts of life today have no real value in reality. Since I had no real space station and no Wars ever been to protect me. Basically every single dime has gone back into the system. To build all the s*** and pay you guys have families in Florida to skydive cuz I met some of you So, there you go. This should cost money man. I mean were into. Billions of trillions of gazillions of dollars to keep this stuff up Building it. Keep the little freak it engineers. Happy with big paychecks and their wives homeschooling their next door neighbor spending the money at Macys buying homemade perfume. I tell you what, man. Its a sad freaking planet. Sharks have gold eyes, so I went on PBS. 40 years Ive been involved in that come to find out theyre just as much a CSP of everything. They ripped off billions of dollars. I feel like an idiot, A fool, Even trying to make money.. like IT MATTERS

    • بشرني هل انت حي

    • @العسكريمه الفورتنايته يخي تكلم عربي وش وراك🙂💔

  28. Part of me wants to think “the flesh that hates” and the Church of the Broken God are involved…

  29. I got here from the confinement series. Who else?

    I can continue belive me

  31. i keep coming back to this one…

    you ever thought about adding footsteps etc? You have audiobook quality voice

    • thank you! SCP-093 is one of my favorites. I may add audio to something that isnt a reading unless it calls for it

  32. Dr. █████ is now alone in the elevator dancing as is assumed by the ducks and sways of the video feed.

  33. wait… the revolver sounds like a nerf doominator… ( the flippy cylinder pistol fused with a 40k bolter and the medics syringe gun

  34. so does that mean this and Blackwoods stories correspond?

    • Yes as reference to both are clear and common as Blackwoods stories and all correct would be possible

    • Shwartzie007 I assume yes, but Im not sure what happened between his departure from that world and the collapse of its society

    • Shwartzie007 yes but possibly an alternate world where even blackwoods weapons werent enough to to stop the unclean.

  35. 24:20

    okay I cant be the only one wondering why a revolver left cases laying about on the ground, right,

    • Ah okay, well if the author says that then it is unquestionable.

    • ZeroRemorse I know the author, i asked them like 15 minutes ago, and they said it was an oversight.

    • What if the farmer only had enough bullets for his family and died of starvation after emptying the magazine?

    • ZeroRemorse
      not sure what exactly you are referencing, but if it did it was a mistake, revolvers keep all their shells in the cylinder, they dont have an ejector after shooting, you have to manually do it

  36. What if this is the real recording of the SCP foundation but no one realizes it since the scp foundation itself is highly secret and unknown?

  37. that scp. agent at the end really did a sacrifice! Bravo sir,we would be fucked without his sacrifice, or was he from a totally different world,he said 1970s weird!
    this was the longest scp iv heard yet good stuff

    • yeah it is the longest one I ever read next to SCP-261 the Pan-dimensional vending machine

  38. Since its known from another file that the gun from the yellow test can kill the unclean, they should produce loads of the stuff and do loads of tests into the 093 world.

  39. Man, I love videos where there is 8 ads on them.hmmmmmm…..

  40. В итоге русские серовно должны читать кана сайте смысл в видешке?!

  41. just gonna point it out from 51 mins and onward some one fucked with the cc

  42. La canción del inicio es de Madrid Zombie, como amo ese juego <3

  43. Oh lookie here, its the only skip that scares me worse than fucking LARRY!!

  44. When I cant sleep, I always go to your scp readings. Youre the only reader I listen to. Something about your voice has a sense to it that you are actually a foundation documenter creating audio logs for record.

  45. This could be a whole series in and of itself….

  46. This seems like a high tech theocratic earth that was on the verge of some sort of holy war against the unclean (I’m assuming the unclean are the legless figures) that they lost

  47. whoa.. I didnt know that the reverse world was inhibited… let alone this religious

  48. Its like they were given a script and read it through once and called it a day. Also sounds like filters over a 16 year Olds voice most of the time

  49. Okay…so the big faceless half people are the Unclean…then who are the figures that only appear on camera?

  50. Id like to give my opinion however its mine so you dont have to, but i think that upgrading your mic quality and/or disabling the voice modifier would drastically boost your subscriber count

  51. Foi o SCP que mais achei interessante! Meu favorito!

  52. Ned Flanders wouldve lived in this place if it wasnt so messed up.

  53. does anyone else want to visit this world, however not like they tested, not in foot, in a helo, or maybe even a jet, a space shuttle, find the Holy tell them what the fuck is going on below them, tell them how you got there, how your world is fine, people are living, happy, and healthy. Seeing just how much punishment the unclean can take, see if you cam free those trapped, or kill them, shoot them, bomb them, and if neccesary, nuke them, if nothing else, live in this world with your someone of your choice, with infinite substanace(fuck it, you figure it out, magic bitch) you have 10-20 of all types of weapons, and enough ammo to supply an army for a decade, but if you are cut off from you base you either have to fight your way in, or abandon and hope for the best, yku eventually find yourself in one of the abandoned labs, you find many test tubes, with info, about the tears you find that the building has many floors, its the one with the massive unclean you figure out just how to kill them, or rather dissasemble them free those trapped, and give life back into this world, at the end, you and your friend go back tobyoyr world, to find the portal you came through, let in one of the unclean it roams your lands, absorbs so many its hundreeds of kilometers long, it has absorbed so much it has left humanity on its last garrison, then,as it is about to take the last men, it falls apart just as the soldiers on the garrison have accepted thier fate and given up all hope, its just gone, and in its place stands millions of people, that had been trapped since the thing first came through, those who had fallen within the last few days, and at the helm of it all, the ones who saved everyone, stand you and your friend, never to be noticed, never to be acknowledged, not wanting to be, not after hearing the silence, the emptiness of the other world for so long, you have no idea how to interface with your own kind, from your world anymore, yhe very few on the base that did see you free humanity praise you, but they hold thier tounges, and you and your friend die alone, together, away from humanity, thinking of being so blessed to have survived, to have helped so many, you both die happy, and just like that, those that saved the world were gone, never to be praised by media, not to be overun with fame, fortune, and the ultimate unhappiness that follows.

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